Bulletin: Web Updates, Volunteer Opportunity

Bulletin: Web Updates, Volunteer Opportunity

The Timing is Right and Help is at Hand

Our Resources page now includes the full presentation Gardening with Native Plants that we hosted earlier this year. Thanks to our sponsor Kelly Leask/Prairie Originals we posted the presentation with combined audio and video as well as separate PowerPoint and .mp3 files. Kelly has agreed to respond in an interview to the questions we couldn’t squeeze into what was ultimately an hour and a half long session. The photos and discussion are great!  Find the Resources at: friendsofbirdshillpark.ca/resources/gardening-with-native-plants/.

Friends of Birds Hill Park aims to enhance the resilience of the Park’s ecosystem and you can contribute, no matter where you are.  Even a few local plants will support biodiversity and the movement of native species across an ecoregion.  Your reward is a lower maintenance landscape that looks and feels good.

Prairie Originals, and maybe other great garden centers too, can help you figure out what’s best for the growing conditions you offer. Visit Kelly in person after May 30th.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

One of our plant-loving volunteers has offered to inventory the flowers on Cedar Bog Trail. He’s a teacher and will be creating a web-resource that teachers can use to introduce students to the magnificence of Cedar Bog Trail. Can you walk the trail with him in mid-June? He’ll identify and photo the finds; you’ll GPS their locations and upload the results for our use. You might do it again later in the season to capture the late bloomers. Get in touch with us at [email protected].


Easy ways to support our work are Donate, Join to help direct the organization, and use our membership number when you make a purchase at any Red River, Pembina, or Beausejour Co-op store (it’s 501 077).

All the best,

from the Board, Friends of Birds Hill Park Inc.


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