December 2020 Bulletin


Welcoming the New Year, we’d like to bring you up to date and to share our best wishes for a spectacular 2021.

  • Renew, join or donate now to receive an official tax receipt for 2020 and participate in the next AGM. Our membership year matches the calendar year. Click on “Get Involved” (Donate or Become a Member) on our website:
  • To reduce the pressure on our core of active volunteers, we cancelled our event schedule during the spring COVID-19 lockdown. We’ll re-visit the possibilities for a “Gardening with Native Plants” workshop and a guided hike, “Learn to Identify SAFE Mushrooms” in the upcoming season. We hope you and yours have stayed safe, too.
  • At the end of November, we received a DRAFT Agreement from Parks Branch for consideration.
  • Informally, we’ve indicated FoBHP is willing to go forward with fund-raising efforts to help support Parks Branch construct a boardwalk on Cedar Bog Trail to protect this heavily visited and greatly enjoyed vulnerable ecosystem.
  • Your donations will support Cedar Bog Trail restoration projects, public awareness, and educational programming. Our mailing address is:

Friends of Birds Hill Park Inc.
26028 Melrose Road
Cooks Creek Manitoba
R5M 0B9

Note that receipts for memberships and donations sent by mail will be issued in 2021.

  • You are always invited to share your ideas for activities and events with email to [email protected] and to get involved hands on.

All the best,
from the Board, Friends of Birds Hill Park