Invasive Plant Pulls

Invasive Plant Pulls

Friends of Birds Hill Park volunteers and the Invasive Species Council of Manitoba join forces to control Invasive Spotted Knapweed in Birds Hill Provincial Park

On the glorious late summer evening of August 18, 2011, members of Friends of Birds Hill Park (FoBHP) and staff of the Invasive Species Council of Manitoba (ISCM) worked together to remove Spotted Knapweed from a prairie area adjacent to the Birds Hill Provincial Park Campground. Spotted Knapweed is a noxious weed that is found in only three areas in Manitoba. If left unchecked it can rapidly spread and crowd out native plants. Rapid control and elimination of Knapweed patches before they spread is critical.

After learning about Spotted Knapweed and the threat it poses to Manitoba ecosystems and livelihoods, volunteers worked diligently to pull every Spotted Knapweed plant in the prairie area. Two hours of hard work paid off, and volunteers had the satisfaction of a pick-up truck stuffed full of bagged Knapweed and a visibly-improved prairie. All participants will receive an ISCM T-shirt as a way of saying thank-you for their time and efforts.

ISCM and FOBHP will continue their partnership and enhance Spotted Knapweed awareness and control efforts in Birds Hill Park.