Friends of Birds Hill Park is in a period of exciting growth that offers a wide range of volunteering positions for its members. Friends are committed to providing members with opportunities to participate in activities that align with your interests and lifestyle.

This page outlines several volunteer opportunities. We also encourage you to explore alternative ways of participating that best suit your individual objectives, talents and interests.

If you are interested in discussing a potential position that meets your specific interests, please Contact Us and discover how you can make a difference!

Volunteering Opportunities

Exercise and develop your management skills by joining our board. Friends of Birds Hill Park has an ambitious Activity Plan for the coming year. Projects include the need for fundraising, event planning and management, and we are always developing and improving our organizational practices. Board members:

  • Regularly attend board meetings and important special meetings (e.g. annual and committee meetings).
  • Participate in development of strategic plan and annual business plan.
  • Actively participate in at least one Board committee or project.
  • Serve as an ambassador by promoting Board projects, recruiting members and participating in fundraising activities.
  • Ensure sound financial management by understanding and helping to develop an annual budget and reviewing financial statements on at least a quarterly basis.
  • Contribute to the maintenance of an ongoing relationship with the management of Birds Hill Park by helping to achieve mutually agreed upon objectives.
  • Annually evaluate the performance of the organization in meeting its mission.

Sometimes we need to purchase supplies and services for tasks as simple as technical support and potentially challenging as promotional goods.  We need someone who could ask the right questions to determine the Board’s needs and then find what we are looking for at the right price. You are a motivated individual who will research product or service offerings and identify competitive suppliers. Internet skills are fundamental to this work.

If a walk in the park is more your speed this role is just for you. In this position you will independently (or accompanied by a friend): Periodically inspect assets located throughout the Park and report on their physical condition. Park benches, universal access campsites and signage are your primary targets.  It’s really just another opportunity to spend some leisurely time in Birds Hill Park!

This is a role for someone who likes organizing and attention to detail. Can you plan an event that combines education with fun AND is suitable for a particular audience, such as families?

Friends of Birds Hill Park activities create opportunities for people to meet and mingle around our shared area of interest: conservation and ecological preservation of Birds Hill Park for an enhanced visitor experience. In this position you will:

  • Consult with the Activity Chair and other volunteers to plan the Annual General Meeting and the Annual Clean-up and Barbecue.
  • Bring new ideas forward or recreate our Speaker Series, Guided Walks, and Outdoor Activity Clinics.
  • Take the lead in preparing written event plans.
  • Make it happen! Ensure event timelines and budgets are met.
  • Help evaluate the success of your event.

One of our plant-loving volunteers has offered to inventory the flowers on Cedar Bog Trail. He’s a teacher and will be creating a web-resource that teachers can use to introduce students to the magnificence of Cedar Bog Trail. Can you walk the trail with him in mid-June? He’ll identify and photo the finds; you’ll GPS their locations and later upload the results for our use. You might do it again later in the season to capture the late bloomers.