Gardening with Native Plants Registration Open

Gardening with Native Plants Registration Open

Register Now for Gardening with Native Plants

Delivered by Kelly Leask, Prairie Originals, St.Andrews

On Tuesday, March 29, 7:00 p.m. join us on Zoom to find out how amazing your property can look while helping save the planet.  Really.  We’re serious:  planting a variety of locally appropriate native plants helps rebuild lost ecosystems.  When you plant native species, the birds, insects and other wildlife that have evolved to thrive in relationship with those plants are also restored, furthering the rebuilding across an ecoregion.

A healthy native landscape is most resilient to the invasion of exotic species.  Even small native prairie gardens are an act of hope and restoration to bring back the once vast tall-grass prairie ecosystem and help enhance the resilience of Birds Hill Park’s ecosystem.    

No matter where you are, you can maintain or enhance movement of native species, and feed birds, butterflies, and your soul.  Manitoba is home to a rich variety of native flower, grass, shrub, and tree species, so there are options for every gardener.  Whether your property is big or small, the environment dry, wet, sunny or shady, your garden (and the planet ) will benefit.  Even a few local plants will support biodiversity.  Help prevent exotic species introductions and be rewarded with a beautiful garden specially adapted for conditions in Manitoba.

Ensure you get the info you need by sending your questions in advance to: [email protected]

For example:  Where is the best place to plant White Sage?  How can I ensure it will grow for years to come?  Can it become invasive in my yard?  Can I cook with it as well as smudge?

What’s YOUR question?  We’ll share it with Kelly in advance.

This is a Zoom event 7:00-8:00 p.m.  REGISTER by searching our events on, just click here:  or call Helene at 204-771-1270.

Everyone is welcome to add to our understanding and stewardship of the biodiversity within Birds Hill Park so feel free to share the word.  You can:

  • put up the attached poster in your workplace or your community.
  • share this page on your favourite social media.

All the best,

from the Board, Friends of Birds Hill Park Inc.

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